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Why Z-Axis


Z-Axis produces connector elements that are flexible both in terms of the material from which they are produced and in terms of their versatility. Apart from the ability to adapt them to a wide range of applications, the following technical advantages can be shown:

Solder-free connections

Z-Axis connectors require no soldering which prevents faulty bridging of pads, poor pad coverage, flux-bleed and operational issues such as shock or vibration and temperature cycling.

On-Site maintenance

Due to the elimination of a soldering process the connectors can be easily removed and replaced. This makes it ideal for test connections and conversely, permits enhancement of retention for extra security.

High-Density Contacts

Z-Axis connectors play a critical role in allowing miniaturization by reducing spacing of I/O. 

Standard Wire thickness & Spacing:

From 0.05mm up to 0.10mm centerlines

Close Spacing:

From 0.05mm up to 0.75mm centerlines

Extra-Thin Wires:

0.025mm or 0.018mm


Dedicated wires or customized (variable) spacing

Connector Registration

The Z-Axis connectors can be inlaid using optical or mechanical registration features.

Main Board simplification

Z-Axis enables a reduction of part counts, renders fragile pins redundant and eliminates soldering and delicate connector parts. This can be employed in main board technology by simply equipping the product with a suitable I/O pad pattern.

Ease of Assembly

Z-Axis connector elements can be assembled by hand or robotically. A retaining slot or similar arrangement traps and compresses the elastomeric material and forms a connection. It's that simple.

Low and Stable Resistance

The Z-Axis connectors have a multi-wire array molded into an elastomeric core which provides a low initial resistance remaining unaffected by variations in the depth of compression or by the number of mate/de-mate cycles.

Mixed Signal-Power Contacts

One Z-Axis connector element can improve board real-estate usage by adapting the size of the pads on the substrates to be connected. Varying amounts of contacts can be made with the same connector.

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