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Test Fixtures

Z-AXIS Flex Circuit Test Fixtures are used to connect flex circuits to test equipment.                                                                                                                                                              


  >20,000 plus cycles
  >Sturdy actuator
  >Fast delivery
  >No tooling charge for custom configurations.
  >Soft contact to DUT pads
  >Easily replaced contact strips


A weak spot in a typical functional test system is where a DUT Flex connects to a circuit board. An obvious method – attaching the flex directly with an FFC or FPC connector - fails. OEM connectors are not designed to withstand extended cycles and break down quickly. When they do, replacement is difficult because they are surface mount components and require a labor intensive re-work process.


Using the Z-Axis Elastomeric Connector Interposer, the connection to the OEM FFC connector becomes permanent and is thereby saved from over-use.

  FTF - More information
Z-AXIS Universal Test fixtures utilize the proven technology of the Z-AXIS Elastomeric Connector to create an inexpensive and reliable method of connecting the flex circuit from a DUT (device under test) to the test equipment
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Based on the FTF, MTF & the UTF platform, our technical team can design a special fixtures.
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