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 Z-Axis will solve your connector problems with fully-engineered designs which can offer the following benefits:

> Rapid Prototyping
> Low-cost customized connectors
> Enhanced reliability of connections
> Enables miniaturization
> Trouble-free assembly
> Absorption of mechanical shock


  High Speed RF/ Microwave / MMIC Connectors
RF and microwave modules benefit from the short connection path provided by Z-Axis Elastomeric Connectors.
  Customized Test Components
Any flat or uneven substrate can be compressed against Z-Axis elastomeric connectors to produce a contact.
  LCD Module Connectors
Bearing in mind the traditional benefits associated with solderless connecting, with not employing heat seal bonding equipment and in allowing for very low profile connections, let us look at the three techniques for connection LCD modules to PCBs.
  Custom Area Array Connectors and Sockets (LGA BGA)
For applications where the ultra close-spacing of conductors is not the prime concern, Z-Axis offers arrays built from multiple strips of Z-Axis miniature connectors.
  EL Backlight LED Connector
The chief benefit of using Z-Axis elastomeric Connectors for EL/LED backlighting is one of cost-saving.
  Medical Device Connections
The two main benefits for medical applications are firstly, that the connector creates a seal which reduces the effects of body fluids on contact integrity and secondly that multiple wire contacts are made with the flex circuit pad which increases reliability.
  Chip on Glass (COG) / LCD Module / Flat Panel Display Connectors
Z-Axis Connectors are an industry standard for flat panel display, COG display and LCD module applications
  Custom Micro Miniature Connectors
Z-Axis is able to design connectors in response to customers' challenges with over 12 years of expertise and know-how in this field.
  Concentric Ring / Anti-Vibration / Solderless Connectors
Z-Axis Connector Elements can be used to connect pads arranged in concentric rings.
  Military, Avionic and Aerospace Applications
The Z-Axis connectors come into their own in these demanding applications due to their clear advantages: Insulation from shock and vibration, their strength compared with the fragility of existing fine pitch connectors, their ability to be easily replaced and more
  PCB Connectors / Parallel Board Connectors / Mezzanine Connectors
Z-Axis connector elements are compression style connectors that are pressed between two boards in order to achieve electrical contact. In most applications, a retaining slot positions the element. Ribs in the slot allow for the expansion of the silicon during the compression. The molding of slots directly into the end unit housing can afford advantages in cost and ease of assembly. Surface to surface gasket-like contact is made which permits the mating of differing pad metallurgies such as gold
  Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Connectors
Z-Axis connector elements are compressed between a board and a flex to achieve electrical connection. Surface-to surface contact and a gasket-like seal are created, allowing for the mating of different pad metallurgies such as gold flash, carbon ink, silver ink or indium-tin oxide ink (ITO).
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