Concentric Ring / Anti-Vibration / Solderless Connectors

The advantages of using a Z-Axis connector in this way are:

  • That threaded components can be used to create the compression with the adhesive bond quality of the connector wires to the elastomeric substrate being capable of withstanding the sliding and wiping forces of the assembly operation.
  • Signal and power connections can be made with the same connector by increasing the size of the pads.
  • Insulation from shock and vibration - the elastomeric elements can be considered as dampening, anti-vibration connectors.
  • Their strength compared with the fragility of existing fine pitch connectors.
  • Their ability to be easily replaced.
  • Where vertical or horizontal space is at a premium.
  • Angular orientation is not required although linear registration must be achieved.
  • Where solder bridging of high-density connectors is a problem. The connectors are solderless.