Testing is a critical stage in the electronics industry, but manual test cycles are time and labor-intensive operations, therefore in many cases there is a need for automated test fixtures which can accelerate testing protocols by factor of 10 and even 100.

All our FTF family fixtures can be turned to be automatically actuated.

In addition to the benefits of our standard and custom flex test fixture, our automated fixture adds the following characteristics:

  • Full integration of the fixture as part of the test sequence.
  • Rapid test cycles.
  • Large number of tests per hour.
  • Manual over-ride option.
  • Optional close/open IO signals.

Z-Axis Europe’ automated test fixtures are tailor made to fit your testing application and ensure continuous test cycles around the clock. The automated mate cycle can be achieved by using pneumatic or electric power source.

A pneumatically actuated by a rotary pneumatic actuator:

An electrically actuated by a rotary solenoid:

pneumatic actuator

rotary solenoid


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