Elastomer Matrix Connector

Realization of Nanocomposites adapted by Elastomeric matrices

Our Elastomer matrix which embedded in silicone rubber is made to produce overall anisotropic conductive properties.



Matrix Elastomeric Connectors

  • Conductors – Multiple, Redundant Conductors.
  • Board Separations as Small as 0.5mm.
  • Pad Pitches Below 0.5 x 0.5mm.
  • Contact Force Provided by the Elastomer.
  • Holding Force can be: Housing, Screws, Magnets etc.
  • Connect any substrate: Glass, PCB, Silicon Chips, FFC/FPC.
  • Interconnection, testing: BGA, FPGA, WAFER, IC.
  • Solder-free connections.
  • Fine Pitch.
  • Superior Performance.


BGA sockets

Connect any pad's layout formation such as BGA sockets with pitch down to 0.4X0.4 mm.

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