Customized Test Fixtures

Test fixture is a device designed to mount a device under test (DUT), equipment under test (EUT) and unit under test (UUT) in place and allow it to be tested by being subjected to controlled electronic test signals and procedures.

Test fixtures are used to test equipment such as PCB (Printed circuit boards), electronic components, integrated chips (IC), SMD connectors, and packaging substrates (such as BGA sockets, LGA sockets etc.).

Connect with our Experts

Z-Axis team of experts will design and build the best test fixture for your application needs - Customized FFC/ FPC, IC in various type and packages, PCB or circuits on any substrate.

Custom Functional Test Fixtures to Your Configuration

Z-Axis europe custom test fixture solutions Ideal for complex and Multi-Board test configurations in functional and in-circuit test applications. Our text fixture solutions are custom designed for in-circuit, manufactured functional to address your test challenges and work with your PCB layout & Configuration.

So which test fixture is right for you?

Whether you have a connector access or a flex test fixture requirement, Z-Axis Europ are able to offer customized solution exacly for your application. Contact us, our we're on hand to help you with all your interconnection needs!

Test Fixture Include:

  1. Body material – design according to customer application.
  2. Uses Z-Axis Elastomeric connector - soft between DUT and tester.
  3. Special design Flex cable (if needed and upon request).
  4. PCB (if needed and upon request).

Why Z-Axis? these are some of our text fixture Benefits:

  • More than 10,000 cycles.
  • Easy to replace connector strips/ Matrix pads.
  • Soft connection to DUT.
  • Short design and delivery time.
  • Custom made complete solution for non-standard application.
  • Multiple devices testing.

Test Fixture Applications:

  1. LED & LCD Displays units.
  2. Automotive electric parts.
  3. PCB modules.
  4. High speed components.
  5. Semiconductor devices – IC and packaged devices.
  6. Magnetic modules.
  7. Wireless modules.
  8. Any electronic module.
  9. Sensors.