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Alternating current

Mechanical aids which verify connector mates successfully.

Automated Optical Inspection - an additional automated process which relays on machine vision to inspect production processes.

Bill of materials – a complete list of all the components of a product to be manufactured.

Boards to board connector which electrically connects 2 PC boards to each other.

Board to Board Connections

Ball Grid Array

Cable to board is a particular type of connector which connects a cable to a PC board.

Computer code describing the geometry of 3D bodies, to be used in a CAD software.

defined and contained in various electronic devices, a closed loop of conductive matter which enables the flow of electrons through it.

When used specifically in the connector industry, normally refers to connectors which are a catalogue item that would be used without modification.

RF connector for high frequencies.

An electro-mechanical device which transfers electrical current between separate electronic devices without altering. a typical connector consists of conductive elements which connect to pre-determined conductive contact points on both devices which needs to be connected and a mechanical housing which hold the conductors, separate them form each other with insulation and aligns them so they can be matched to perform electric contact.

Movement of electrons which can be observed as flow of charge. SI units of current are Ampere [A]

Component to Board Connections

the disconnection action of a connector

Direct current

An open path of conductor, can be permanent or temporary. Interrupts electric current from flowing.

Device under test

Drawn, Wire, Assembly & Moduling

An elastomer is a polymer with viscoelasticity (i.e., both viscosity and elasticity) and with weak intermolecular forces, generally low Young's modulus and high failure strain compared with other materials.

Electrical connector which is constructed of an elastomer and conductors.

Equipment under test

Flexible Flat Cables are made of a flat copper strips which are laminated between two insulating foils. The FFC connectors technology offers a parallel track pattern of rolled copper wires. Used mainly for board-to-board connection.

A flat cable which is produced using PCB technology and can take various shapes and geometries

Flex to Board Connections

Flex Test Fixture

Normally uses to fill the space between two surfaces or more, to prevent under compression leakage from or into the joined objects.

A connector that connects a high number of contacts.

Connectors which is designed to handle high data-rates in the range of (GHz).

The amount of water vapor in the air. Connectors and other electrical devices normally have a humidity resistance rating, which is defined as a maximum amount of time in a certain relative humidity percentage in which the device has been tested to still perform to its operating parameters.

An amount of force required to fully engage two mating contacts or connectors.

A material in which the electron cannot flow freely.

Integrated chips

Indium-Tin Oxide

A short length of conductor (In electronics & computing), used to close, open or bypass part of an electronic circuit and used to set up or configure printed circuit boards.

Printed circuit board

RF is a Radio Frequency.

Rapid Prototyping

Stampig, Plating, Assembly & Moduling

Test fixtures play a vital role in the development and production phases. It can be used across applications so that any electronic module can be checked for faults prior to its final assembly stage, and enable a temporary, non-damaging, electrical connection between a DUT and a test equipment.

Unit under test

Ultra Violet

Zero Insertion Force