Flat Flexible Cable Connectors

Z-Axis connector elements are compressed between a board and a flex to achieve electrical connection. Surface-to surface contact and a gasket-like seal are created, allowing for the mating of different pad metallurgies such as gold flash, carbon ink, silver ink or indium-tin oxide ink (ITO).

In most applications, a retaining slot positions the element. Ribs in the slot allow for the expansion of the silicon during the compression. The molding of slots directly into the end unit housing can afford advantages in cost and ease of assembly.

Z-Axis connectors for Flex to Board connections advantages:

  • Insulation from shock and vibration.
  • Their strength compared with the fragility of existing fine pitch connectors.
  • Their ability to be easily replaced.
  • The low cost of both tooling and unit price where customized parts are needed.
  • Where vertical or horizontal space is at a premium.
  • Where there is a demand for a right-angle connection in limited physical space.
  • Where the alignment of multiple high-density connectors will prove problematic during assembly.
  • Where solder bridging of high-density connectors is a problem.

*The flex and the connector can be an integral unit.

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