High Speed RF/ Microwave / MMIC Connectors

Z-Axis Europe is prepared to conduct experimental work and any specification from a circuit designer will be considered. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you in realizing your project.

Combined circular connectors

A test report is available on request which demonstrates the performance of a 2.5mm Z-Fill connector tested to 1GHz. The report also summarizes recommendations for board layout in order to push satisfactory performance beyond 10 GHz.

Microstrip transmission lines can be tuned with Z-Axis connectors as a system to yield low loss performance. Ground planes can also be included. Deep-Well Wire Bonds or Deep-Drive Wire Bonds can also be replaced by Z-Axis connectors.

Optically clear silicon can also be employed for combined connectors for fibre-optic and electronic signals. Holes can be punched or molded into the connectors to facilitate assembly.

Z-Axis Miniature Connectors

Miniature Connectors

The above illustration demonstrates the possibility for loop tuning flat wire ribbon bond-like contacts to RF traces of microwave modules. Z-Axis Miniature Connectors can be adjusted for loop height, silicon dielectric thickness, pad pitch, metallurgy and conductive trace size.

RF, Power and Logic signals can be connected with the same connector element or extra fine traces (0.05mm - 0.1mm) can be employed.

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