Military, avionics & aerospace electronics are continuing to embrace more portable and also higher density ruggedized electronics. 

Some of these important customized connectors offer multiple functions crammed into a highly densified module, often run on starvation current levels, offering surprising top speed digital processing data and control details.

The Z-Axis connectors come into their own in these demanding applications due to their clear advantages:

  • Insulation from shock and vibration.
  • Their strength compared with the fragility of existing fine pitch connectors.
  • Their ability to be easily replaced.
  • The low cost of both tooling and unit price where customized parts are needed.
  • Where vertical or horizontal space is at a premium.
  • Where there is a demand for a right-angle connection in limited physical space.
  • Where the alignment of multiple high-density connectors will prove problematic during assembly.
  • Where solder bridging of high-density connectors is a problem.