Mounting a LCD display to a PCB

Bearing in mind the traditional benefits associated with solderless connectors, with not employing heat seal bonding equipment and in allowing for very low profile connections, let us look at the three techniques for connection LCD modules to PCBs:

Direct Vertical Board to Board connection

* Board to board connection

Board to Board connection

Silicone connector

Silicone rubber bonded to a Z-Axis High-Density Straight-Line Flex Circuit, situated under the module with the free end connected:

  1. To a low profile combination silicon/snap clamp termination
    Flex Circuit
  2. To a standard flat flex connector (PCB flex connector)

flat flex connector

N.B. One should consider methods to achieve and maintain registration of the flex circuit pads with the pads of the module and the PCB. Mechanical details of the substrates should be provided when consulting on design.

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