Parallel connectors are designed to ensure the transmission of electric current without an additional pipe. The connectors are available in a variety of sizes and are applied in a variety of electrical applications such as in automotive applications.

Elastomeric connectors

Connectors are traditionally an off-the-shelve product which are sold as is, therefore are often a compromise. With traditional connectors, the process of developing a custom connector to suit needs completely is a long and expensive one.

With elastomeric connectors it is very easy, fast and cost efficient to develop and produce tailor-made connectors for your specific application.

  • Single row Contact - Revolutionary elastomeric connector made of tightly spaced parallel row of fine conductive wires embedded on an elastomeric core.
  • Matrix Connector (2D) - Connect any pad layout formation, such as BGA with pitch down to 0.4x0.4mm.

Single row connectors

Our special connectors are based on elastomeric material with embedded conductors. The conductors can be metal wires or conductive particles embedded in the elastomeric media.
The Min. connectors pitch can be as small as 0.05mm. The connector connects 2 devices such as PCB, Flex or any other substrates. The connection is being established by pressing the connector between the two devices.

Using small pitch connector can guarantee redundancy of contact paths – this makes a very reliable connector.

Using this technology, we can design almost any connector!


  • Solder-free connections, Ease of Assembly
  • Fine Pitch
  • Mixed Signals
  • Low Cost
  • High Speeds
  • Superior Performance Under Harsh Condition such as Shock, Vibration, Humidity & Wide Operating Temperature.

Matrix Elastomeric connectors

  • Conductors – Multiple, Redundant Conductors.
  • Board Separations as Small as 0.5mm.
  • Pad Pitches Below 0.5 x 0.5mm.
  • Contact Force Provided by the Elastomer.
  • Holding Force can be: Housing, Screws, Magnets etc.
  • Connect any substrate: Glass, PCB, Silicon Chips, FFC/FPC.
  • Interconnection, testing: BGA, FPGA, WAFER, IC.
  • Solder-free connections.
  • Fine Pitch.
  • Superior Performance.

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