FFC / FPC test fixture solutions

Z-Axis FTFs are used to connect flex circuits for device testing & testing printed circuit boards (PCBs).

A weak spot in a typical functional test system is where a DUT flexible cable connects to a circuit board and the simple method of attaching the flex directly with an ZIF or LIF connector fails.

OEM flat flexible cable connectors are not designed to withstand extended cycles, they are hard to operate and break quickly. Replacement is difficult because they are surface-mounted components.


FTF / FPC Connectors

By using the Z-Axis Testing Elastomeric Connectors, the connection to an FFC or FPC becomes easy, reliable and long lasting for thousands of test cycles.

We have two types of DUT Flex test fixtures:

  1. Special fixtures
  2. Standard fixtures

The difference between the two types of are:

  • Geometry.
  • Type of DUT FLEX – width/ number of traces, pitch and pattern of the traces.

Functional In-Circuit Test Fixture

  • Termination options: FFC or PCB with thru holes for soldering wires.
  • Note: If the DUT Flex has wings (locking tabs), larger style fixture might be required.

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Test Fixture Include:

  1. 3D print hard shell
  2. Uses Z-Axis Elastomeric connector - soft between DUT and tester
  3. Special Flex inserts
  4. Flex cable (upon request)

Why Z-Axis? these are some of our text fixture Benefits:

  • More than 20,000 cycles.
  • Easy to replace contact strips.
  • Eliminate ZIF connection.
  • Soft connection to DUT.
  • Short delivery time.
  • Custom made solution for non-standard flex circuits.

Test Fixture Applications:

  1. LED & LCD Displays.
  2. Automotive parts.
  3. PCB systems.
  4. Projectors.
  5. Multiple devices testing.
  6. High speed cables.
  7. Semiconductor devices.
  8. Magnetic modules.
  9. Wireless modules.
  10. Any electronic module.
  11. Sensors.