About our Connectors

We are driven to solve interconnection challenges with cost-effective elastomeric connectors to your specifications, which can reduce production costs of your electronic assemblies. Our elastomeric connectors are custom build to be stable, innovative, and cost competitive.

Our commitment:

  • Problem Solving - where traditional connectors don’t exist or fail.
  • Cost Reduction - let it be small quantity or mass production.
  • Ease of installation - Reduced Manufacturing and maintenance costs.
  • Obsolete Connector Alternative.

Elastomeric connectors benefits:

  1. Solder-free connections.
  2. Zero Insertion Force.
  3. High-Density Contacts.
  4. Mixed Signal-Power Contacts.
  5. Low and Stable Resistance.
  6. Superior Performance Under Harsh Environmental Condition (Shocks, Vibration, Temperature etc.)

Click here for information about the process of assembling an LCD monitor on a PCB with LCD connector.

Elastomeric connector common applications

Our Elastomeric connectors are used in various applications:

  1. Board to Board Connections.
  2. Custom test fixtures - Customized Electrical Test Components.
  3. Matrix Connectors - BGA Surface Mounting Technology.
  4. Electroluminescent Display.
  5. Medical Devices – Health Care / Consumer / Hearing Aids.
  6. Military, Avionics & Aerospace Electrical Applications.
  7. Flat Panel Display Connections. PCB Connections.
  8. Mezzanine & Parallel Board Connections.
  9. Miniature connectors - Electronic Connections.
  10. Chip-to-board connections.
  11. Memory cards.
  12. Solderless connections.
  13. Process / Environmental Controls / Remotes.
  14. Telecommunications / Data.
  15. Drop-in replacement for exciting connector.
  16. Connect and test platform to mms, RF/coax, arrays, PCBs, flex etc & Test Sockets.
  17. Displays – Flat Panel, LCD, LED, Plasma, Projection.
  18. Portable Device.
  19. Point of Sale – Credit Card / Bar Coding / Smart Card / Security.
  20. Automotive.

    And more...

Main Apllications

Apllication Segment
Component to Board Connections - CTB  LCD
Board to Board Connections - BTB  Mezzanine
RF / High Speed

Flex to Board Connections - FTB

  • flex pcb connector

Elastomeric connector projects - Existing & future

  1. Raytheon
  2. Elbit Systems
  3. IAI
  4. API Technologies
  5. Philips Healthcare
  6. Syneron-Candela
  7. Flextronics
  8. Sanmina
  9. Capgemini
  10. 3M
  11. Mul-T-Lock
  12. Apple

    And many more...

Z-Axis Europe offers revolutionary elastomeric connectors made of tightly spaced parallel rows of conductive filaments embedded in a silicone core. Our connectors are available in a variety of geometries, enabling introduction in numerous new applications.

Why Silicone Rubber?

  • Does not crack or become soft or brittle.
  • Less compression set.
  • Unaffected by aging.
  • Generates no corrosive chemicals.
  • Does not degrade with UV, radiation, oxygen, ozone or humidity exposure.
  • Flexible to temperatures as low as -55oC.
  • Constant dielectric properties over wide range of temperature and humidity extremes.

Type of Connector

SP: Stamping, Plating, Assembly & Molding

DW: Drawn, Wire, Assembly & Molding